Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening

One question we often get asked in the practice surrounds tooth whitening. With the procedure seemingly available from an abundance of sources including dentists, beauticians and DIY kits from the internet I understand how confusing it can be.

Tooth whitening in itself can achieve fantastic results fairly easily and can really transform your smile. Teeth tend to discolour and go darker with age, and in addition can pick up stains from tea, coffee, red wine and smoking among others. It doesn’t require loads of time in the dental chair and the results can really change patients’ confidence and self-esteem.

Legally, tooth whitening is the practice of dentistry, and therefore can only be carried out by dental care professionals registered with the GDC. In addition, safe and approved products for tooth whitening can only be sold to dental professionals, so having the procedure carried out elsewhere means they could potentially be using unsafe and illegal products which are not approved for use in the mouth.

This means tooth whitening carried out in salons and beauticians is fully illegal and could lead to considerable damage to your teeth and gums.

To avoid things like this it would be helpful to look for the best dentist practices which provide the service you want. Reading reviews is also a good way of researching the practice as you will come across feedback from other patients.

On a daily basis I see how much my patients care about their teeth and gums and want to keep them as healthy as possible.

Tooth whitening can be completely complimentary to this, but having the procedure carried out by someone who isn’t qualified to do so can put your dental health at risk. You wouldn’t be happy for a joiner to fix the brakes on your car.

So why have anyone other than a dental professional carry out any procedure in your mouth?

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