Alli Benefits

Fundamentally, the best method for losing weight is in maintaining a healthy diet alongside regular exercise. Alli tablets do not claim to instantly β€˜cure’ obesity, but rather are designed to complement your lifestyle change to help you see greater results, sooner than through dieting alone.

In case studies, it has been proven that taking a course of tablets with fatty meals reduces the amount of fat absorbed into the body by 25%. The effect of this is that people who are taking is medicine tend to see 50% additional weight loss – for every two pounds that they managed to lose through exercise and diet, they lost an additional pound thanks to these convenient tablets.

One natural concern of using a weight loss tablet is the possibility of unwanted side effects. Unlike similar medicines such as Xenical, Alli is offered in a low dose and, as a result, patients are less likely to experience side effects.

Does Alli Work And Help People To Lose Weight?

The human body depends on fat in order to create the energy we need to live. When you consume a meal, the digestive system uses lipases that help the body to absorb fat as required. However, if the body is inundated with extra fat that it does not need as a result of poor diet, it must store this fat long-term. This is the fat that is carried on the body and makes people overweight or obese.

Alli tablets contain the active ingredient orlistat, which is a lipase inhibitor. This means that orlistat attaches itself to the lipases that break down fat, reducing their effectiveness. As a result, when you consume a fatty meal after taking Alli, the amount of fat absorbed into your body is decreased by around 25%.

The impact of this is twofold. First, a decreased fat intake helps to stop ongoing weight gain, leaving you free to concentrate your attention on losing the excess fat that you already have. In addition, since the body requires fat to create energy, it must begin to use up your fat reserves, decreasing your weight even further.

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