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What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a form of dental infection that usually develops as a result of poor oral hygiene; if the teeth are neglected, plaque will build up along the gum line, which will eventually start to irritate the soft tissue to the point where infection begins to develop. During the early stages of this condition, it is often quite difficult to identify the infection and apply treatment to prevent tooth loss; the first sign of gum infection is usually some slight bleeding when the teeth are being brushed and this can be very easy to miss.

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Leading Professional Beauty Clinic

Established for twenty years, a State Registered Nurse and advanced facial treatment specialist, our Beauty Clinic is one of the leading professional Clinics in London.

We offer a variety of highly specialist beauty and skin treatments, all administered by an experienced team of clinically qualified experts.

Look Beauty-ful – Cosmetic treatments in and around London

Beauty & Skin Solutions: Tailored to You

For distressed, ageing or damaged skin we offer a range of solutions, including CACI and Endermologie, all specifically selected for their non-traumatic and painless qualities, because these days, there really is no need for pain in order to experience gain.

For permanent hair reduction, there is a range of options, including Super Ellipse IPL, which our consultants will fully discuss with you during your consultation. We also offer a selection of revolutionary semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements, Dermal Fillers, Sclerotherapy and other clinical cosmetic procedures. Read More

Side Effects and Online Prescription

Side Effects and Online Prescription

Alli Side Effects

Since Alli tablets contain a relatively low dosage of the active ingredient orlistat, side effects are uncommon and, where some mild side effects have been reported, they rarely persist. In some cases, you may experience flatulence, a change in the regularity or consistency of bowel movements, and an oily discharge from the rectum.

The likelihood of experiencing these side effects can be decreased further by ensuring that your diet does not contain too much fat. If any of these side effects persist or worsen whilst using Alli, contact your doctor. Read More



Alli Benefits

Fundamentally, the best method for losing weight is in maintaining a healthy diet alongside regular exercise. Alli tablets do not claim to instantly ‘cure’ obesity, but rather are designed to complement your lifestyle change to help you see greater results, sooner than through dieting alone.

In case studies, it has been proven that taking a course of tablets with fatty meals reduces the amount of fat absorbed into the body by 25%. The effect of this is that people who are taking is medicine tend to see 50% additional weight loss – for every two pounds that they managed to lose through exercise and diet, they lost an additional pound thanks to these convenient tablets.

One natural concern of using a weight loss tablet is the possibility of unwanted side effects. Unlike similar medicines such as Xenical, Alli is offered in a low dose and, as a result, patients are less likely to experience side effects. Read More

Employment of disabled people

Employment of disabled people

Employment of disabled people

The Code of Practice on the employment of disabled people (which can be used in evidence in employment tribunal cases) also indicates that employers should spend as much on retaining a member of staff who becomes disabled as they would on recruiting a replacement.

If an employee believes they have been discriminated against they may be able to bring forward action via an employment tribunal. There is no upper ceiling on compensation in discrimination cases. Consequently, employers need to be able to show that they have explored all the potential options around the DDA and that the steps they have taken are reasonable. Read More