Service improvement

  • Helping you to stay safe and know how to deal with illnesses.
  • Providing expertise in service improvement, system reform and redesign across health and social care;
  • Helping organisations to test, adapt, and implement new ideas and new approaches to change and improve systems;
  • Facilitating local learning, capacity and leadership development among clinicians, managers and staff.

Outcomes for health and well being

  • Improving health and wellbeing of others
  • Developing and implementing national, regional and local policy and guidance.

Children and young people

Supporting the implementation of cross government policy to enhance local services and improve outcomes for children and young people.

Mental health and wellbeing

Working to improve mental health services, and achieving better mental health and wellbeing for all.

Quality, productivity and prevention

  • developing, piloting and supporting the implementation of metrics to inform clinical and service effectiveness and productivity;
  • Working with staff and people who use services to identify and address opportunities to improve patient experience and safety;
  • Fostering solution-focussed approaches to achieving excellence across health and social care.

Knowledge management

  • Inspiring people to share, learn and collaborate to deliver improvement;
  • Sharing local, national and international learning, best practice and innovation in service improvement.